Brook Housing

We are a non-profit charity specialising in learning disability housing throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Charity Merger of Brook Housing and Havencare

In April 2020, Brook Housing Limited have completed a merger with Havencare (South West) Limited; becoming: Havencare Homes and Support Limited (“Havencare”).

This is an exciting opportunity for Brook Housing’s work to draw from the experience, expertise and security offered by Havencare, who have been supporting people with learning disabilities and autism for over 33 years.

Same levels of standards

Although we are far stronger together as one, we want to make sure that wherever possible, people’s homes are not linked to their support. Therefore, homes and support are managed separately in different ‘divisions’ in Havencare:

This situation does not create exclusivity. Havencare Homes will also continue to work with other support providers and Havencare Support will also continue to use other housing providers.

Havencare Support and Havencare Homes will be different parts of our Charity, managed by different people.

This means you normally have 3 choices:

1. You can live in a Havencare Home and have your Support with Havencare.

2. You can have Support with Havencare, but not live in a Havencare Home (you choose another housing option)

3. You can live in a Havencare Home and not have your Support with Havencare (you choose another support provider)

What can we do for you?

If you are currently receiving a minimum of 8 hours support a week from a registered care provider, we can help find suitable housing for you.

Brook Housing - Learning Disability Housing Devon and Cornwall

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Brook Housing - Learning Disability Housing Devon and Cornwall

Based in Plymouth, we cover the whole local area.

Our aim at Brook Housing is to increase housing options to meet individual needs in locations of choice across Devon and Cornwall. Alongside managing our own housing stock we work closely with some of the biggest letting agents across Plymouth as well as private landlords to secure suitable long term homes that match each personal requirement.